About us

For more than 15 years Law office DOMAS BALANDIS provides legal consultations and represents diverse clients in the state and municipal institutions, analyzes and evaluates projects, drafts contracts and other documents,defends and represents clients in the courts.

In today's modern, complex and internationalized society it often happens that legal provisions are not clear so that everyone can find the most suitable way to make a decision. At Law office DOMAS BALANDIS we provide legal advice to diverse client: businesses, authorities, foundations and private individuals.

We represent and defend anyone seeking legal advice in implementation of his rights, in protection of his honor, property and interests or trying to attain justice.

We have based our activities on the principle that the highest possible quality must be provided for each legal advice of our clients.

Our experience shows that the client wishes continue working with the lawyer he knows and trust. Therefore legal advice requires personal contact and trust between the lawyer and the client. It is our approach to maintain close contacts between clients and our lawyers.

We are able to provide our legal services suited to the client's needs and based on full understanding of his commercial and professional confidentiality.

Domas Balandis, a lawyer of the Law office, works as a member of the International and National Commercial Arbitration of Vilnius: www.arbitration.lt.

Our legal service is based on the principle that highest possible quality must be provided at all levels. Experiences acquired working with the EU and international projects, including projects on harmonization of the national legislation with the EU requirements, serve to achieve such quality.


Law Office Domas Balandis

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